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Método Engenharia / Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos S/A

Work: Completion of project, supply and installation of metal stairs with such sloping terraces and decorative tubular tailpiece.
Location: São Paulo / SP
Weight: 132 t.

Senpar Ltda. / Shopping SerrAzul - Ampliação

Work: Structural and constructive project with supply and erection of structure for floor coverage and closing system integrated with the structural concrete slabs and mounted on the Bandeirantes highway.
Location: Vinhedo / SP
Weight: 132 t.

Prática Informática Ltda.

Work: Constructive and structural Project, industrialization, transport and erection of structure for mezzanine.
Location: São Paulo / SP
Weight: 18 t.

Martins, Chamon e Franco Associados

Work: Mezzanine on the 18th floor.
Location: São Paulo / SP
Weight: 21 t.

FDTE (Fundação para o Desenvolvimento Tecnológico da Engenharia) – Politécnica

Work: Constructive detailing with supply, transport and installation of steel structure.
Location: São Paulo/SP
Weight: 20 t.